File under self-care rituals: cEVAd CBD. I recently added a new element to my self-care ritual and this includes cEVAd full-spectrum CBD oil tincture and face moisturizer. And let me tell you, I have been floating on cloud 9 ever since adding cEVAd CBD to my self-care routine.

As many of you have seen in my self-care Stories, I absolutely LOVE taking a very long hot bath with all the spa-like bells and whistles. I’m talkin’ bath bombs, muscle relaxing bath salts, bubbles, face masks, cucumber slices and sometimes a glass of wine or cup of tea. It all depends on what I’m feeling.

Before I hop in the bath I take a few drops of cEVAd’s Harmony tincture. Its full-spectrum CBD oil puts that anxiety in check while easing those pesky #momlife pains (aka heavy toddler). I swear, once I became a mama, my body was always aching. This is part of the reason why I added CBD (and microdoses of THC) to my wellness care almost three years ago. CBD and THC has done wonders for my mental health and overall wellness. This is why I especially love cEVAd’s Harmony tincture. It has the tiniest amount of THC. (0.3%).

cEVAd cbd tincture for anxiety and pain

cEVAd also has a THC-free tincture. Bliss is their isolate tincture, which is THC-free. It provides a feeling of calm that is fantastic for relaxing and getting a good night’s sleep! Bliss can also be used by expectant and nursing mothers.

Once I’m out of the bath and my face is prime for moisturizer, I add cEVAd’s Radiance face moisturizer. Also infused with high potency CBD, I apply the Radiance moisturizer to my face almost immediately after the bath. This is when my pores are open and ready to take in all the amazing qualities of CBD, while moisturizing my face’s delicate skin.

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What I love about cEVAd’s Radiance moisturizer, is that it’s light. I CAN NOT stand overbearing fragrance; especially not on my face. cEVAd’s face moisturizer has a velvety texture that just glides on efffortlessly with little to no scent. Made up of essential oils like macadamia, arnica and jojoba — trust, you wanna massage it all over your body.

Some people choose a glass of wine and / or a cocktail to help them unwind. Some people opp for prescription drugs to help ease their anxiety. I opt for CBD almost every day. It’s natural, healthy and seriously works wonders for inflammation. With cEVAd, you can expect only the finest high potency, certified pure CBD with absolutely no toxins, pesticides, herbicides.

cEVAd cbd face moisturizer

Fun Fact: Do you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta? I’m am seriously such a sucker for all the Real Housewives shows, especially Atlanta. When I found out that cEVAd is owned by Eva Marcille Sterling, I was over the moon! She is one of my favorite Housewives.

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* Please note: this is a sponsored post for cEVAd. While I did receive payment and free product for this post, you know your girl Sandra B. Olinger never pushes a product she doesn’t use and love.

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