Sandra Burciaga Olinger is a first-generation Latina who resides in Los Angeles, CA. Born to immigrant parents from Mexico and Peru, Spanish was Olinger’s first language. A mother, wife and entrepreneur — Olinger is also a published writer / journalist and speaker. She started her career as a digital marketer over 15 years ago managing digital campaigns and websites for a variety of clients in medical and wellness. She is the founder / creator of independent music media platform Grimy Goods and also owns a video production company with her husband Bryan Olinger. Through her work, Olinger often advocates for women and brings visibility to their work whether in music or small business. She is a firm believer in helping others succeed.

“When one of us nails goals and succeeds, we all nail goals and succeed.”

Sandra Olinger So Modern Life influencer blogger

Digital Presence Since 2008

Grimy Goods is Los Angeles’ premier music lifestyle blog; an independent music media platform made for music discovery. Olinger has helped grow lesser known artists and bands of all genres within the indie and underground music scenes with a focus on Women, BIPOC and LGBTQ. Through her and her staff’s content, they have helped numerous artists ink deals and get paid for their work, as well as cross into the mainstream.

Prior to founding Grimy Goods, Olinger was a music journalist for several years with bylines and cover stories for San Diego Reader, Los Angeles Magazine, SKINNIE magazine, Rime magazine and more. When she gets the time, she loves freelancing for Parents magazine.

Personal Lifestyle Brand

While pregnant with her daughter, Olinger launched her alternative-motherhood brand SO Modern Life. Here, she shares everything from things to do in LA, travel recommendations, outdoor lifestyle, video and marketing tips, and of course all things music and concerts.

Through her Instagram she shares exciting Stories and posts from all their fun family adventures including trips to the Hollywood Bowl, camping, restaurant outings and all the many fun things to do in Los Angeles with (or without) her kiddo.

Professional Video Production

Olinger and her husband own a video production company. Together with their diverse team — they fully produce commercials for brands like Green Chef, Toyota, NerdWallet, Outdoorsy, Earthworks Audio and more. With Sandra’s career as a music blogger, content creator and her professional digital marketing background, paired with Bryan’s longtime career as a director of photography, video director and producer — the two make quite the winning combo.

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A Bit of Accolades:

Through Olinger’s blog Grimy Goods, she has worked with notable brands such as Converse, GoPro, Vans, Schott, iHeartMedia, Sonos, Live Nation, LA Phil, Hollywood Bowl, Goldenvoice, Spaceland Presents, The Bowery, Bacardi, Jameson Whiskey, Sailor Jerry, and many more.

Her blog posts and have been featured on KTLA Channel 5, Los Angeles Magazine, ALT987 FM, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan , and she was awarded “Best Concert Instagram” via the LA Weekly Web Awards.

Olinger has spoken on numerous industry panels, presented twice at the Adelante Mujer Latina Conference and has hosted and produced various live events and activations.

For more on Sandra, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.