Los Angeles is one of the greatest cities in the world! Offering a variety of things to do in Los Angeles, that also means there’s so many fun and unique date nights you can have in LA. Some of the perfect dates in Los Angeles can be experienced in lesser-known neighborhoods. Trust, it’s not always all about a date night in Hollywood, Santa Monica or Downtown LA. While those areas of LA offer some pretty great date ideas, you also need to explore the road less traveled. And if you know me, you already know I’m always going against the grain.

Los Angeles date night ideas
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Los Feliz

For our recent date night in Los Angeles, my husband and I decided to take it back to our old stomping grounds: Los Feliz. Located in East Hollywood, right below the famed Griffith Park, Los Feliz is a hip little part of LA that bustles with so many fun date ideas. From live music at the Greek Theatre and sunset hikes to the Griffith Observatory, to all the delicious restaurant options — Los Feliz is a hidden jewel for the perfect date night in Los Angeles.

While this cute little part of LA is nothing new to us Angelinos, many of you visiting or city should not let this exciting area pass you by.

Pro tip: if you really want to see celebrities, this is where they go about their every day lives; not transplant-central Hollywood proper.


Paying homage to the fun town we used to live in (pre baby and pre marriage days), my husband and I recently had the most fun and nostalgic romp in Los Feliz.

I had lived in my tiny apartment here for almost 5 years. This was when rent was cheap in Los Angeles! My husband had also lived here for a few years himself. With that said, close out that YELP app and just take some date night in Los Angeles advice from some seasoned pros.

The Perfect Date Night In Los Angeles

This version of our perfect date night in Los Angeles (Los Feliz), is for those that like delicious food, craft cocktails and show tunes. And remember, any part of this date can be modified to you liking.

Little Doms date night la

Little Doms

Oh how I love Little Dom’s. The old Hollywood feel, those cheesy rice balls and, um, Joh Hamn. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that delicious “Mad Men” at this local haunt … Hamn aside, the classic Italian-American fare at Little Dom’s will make your tastebuds sing.

What to Eat: the aforementioned rice balls are heavenly! We also almost always the arugula & parmesan salad. I’m a huge fan of Little Dom’s thin pizzas. My husband loves their Meatball & Provolone Sandwich. They also have some fantastic nightly specials. Be sure to check those out!

What to Drink: Little Dom’s has a lovely wine menu, but hey also know how to make some quality cocktails. My husband and I are huge fans of old timey drinks and unique craft cocktails. I highly recommend their Penicilin with Famous Grouse. They make one of the best in all of LA!

What to do: well if you’re on a date, you better be conversating with your date. Littl’s Dom’s is a cozy spot to get to know one another. If you want a little more casual action, try scoring a seat at their bar. It’s small, but it’s a lot of fun being up in all the action on a Friday night, watching the bartenders create drinks and people who walks in through the door.

The Dresden

Oh the many blurry memories we’ve had at the Dresden. You might recognize The Dresden from the film “Swingers.” This throwback lounge offers classic eats and complimentary live music. And I’m not talking about just any live music. Many people who stop in The Dresden come to see the legendary Dresden house band, jazz musicians Marty & Elayne. The two perform Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00pm to 1:15am.

Pro Tip: go to the Dresden on a Tuesday. You’re likely to score a prime spot near the duo. Best of all, Tuesdays are Open Mic night with Marty & Elayne. If you’re lucky you just might sing with them.

Craft Cocktails
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Night Cap

If you’re in it to win it (aka past midnight) there’s a few spots we like to close off the night. It all depends on what you’re after.

Tiki Ti: definitely a locals spot, but you’ll occasionally get a visitor in-the-know. Tiki Ti is tiny, but it is one of the most authentic Tiki bars you’ll step foot in. Family-owned, this landmark bar has been around since 1961. When you go there, keep an eye out for the Bull!

Recommended Drink: ALL OF THEM! They seriously have some fantastic tropical drinks. I’m a fan of the Pain Killer and the Zombie.

Pro Tip: you gotta visit Tiki Ti during the holidays when they bring out their delicious homemade hot buttered rums!

Big Bar

Big Bar is a hip spot with delicious seasonal and staple craft cocktails. To top it all off, you can satisfy your sweet tooth here. The Alcove’s bakery is to die for! Sugar coma with so much variety (layer cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolates, cheese cakes … SO. MUCH. MORE.)

Recommended Drink: Tigermom Gimlet. That lemongrass kaffir lime is so damn refreshing. Take me back to my Thai honeymoon.

Pro Tip: sit on the patio! It’s beautiful!

So there you have it! A pretty damn perfect and unique date night in Los Angeles. Don’t make it a basic bitch date, make it a badass bitch date!