Mess-free painting for toddlers … is that even possible? I’ve always cringed at the idea of my child painting in the house, but I finally found a way for Victoria to paint minus the mess! Painting is such a great sensory activity for toddlers, but the idea of set-up and clean-up can be quite daunting. I’m mean, mama’s tired enough as it is!

evaporative water painting paper sensory play

You guys have to try this evaporative painting paper! Get a paint brush and a small cup of water, and let your kid paint away. The only mess you have to worry about is a small spill, which is nothing compared to your child painting your car. Yep! Victoria painted my white car red the last time I set up a painting session for her. I did it in the garage thinking it would be easier, but she went all Picasso on me. Thank goodness the paint was washable!

This kid absolutely loves painting, but we all know painting with a toddler can be challenging. The Arts, and being creative is super important to Bryan and I, we both work in creative fields and both minored in Art. Believe or not, I can paint some pretty dope shit! Just haven’t done it in a long while since writing is my preferred creative outlet. And Bryan is such fantastic drawer. Anywho! Get this magical “painting” paper for toddlers!

Easy set up, easy clean up. I literally plop Victoria in front of her kiddie table while I clean and / or work at my laptop and she happily paints away. This keeps her busy for a good half hour or more, with the occasional “mama try” — her way of asking me to paint with her.

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evaporative water painting paper sensory play

Where to Get Evaporative Water Magic Painting Paper

There’s lots of brands out there that make this same style of evaporative water paper, but some really suck! Our first set ripped in half since Victoria was soaking the paper with her luuuuuxurious brush strokes … lol. Evaporative water painting paper is supposed to be reusable, but how you gonna get your money’s worth and reuse it if your child is ripping it in half!

We did some trial & error and came to the conclusion that this evaporative water painting is the best. It’s very large and durable, and won’t rip in half even when your toddler over saturates it. Once the paper is full of your child’s lovely brush strokes, you hang it to dry for 10 minutes and re-use it again. The set we purchased came in a pack of two large sheets — 70 x 46cm (27.618.1″). This way your child can keep painting while the other sheet dries.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Evaporative Water Painting Paper (AKA Magic Water Painting Paper)

Paint Brushes for Kids

Silicone Suction Bowl Non-Slip


evaporative water painting paper sensory play

And if you’re wondering where we got Victoria’s Mid-Century Modern toddler activity table, you can find that here. The table set is adorable and easy to clean! The chairs are quite sturdy and can old up to 330 pounds! I do recommend placing a little area rug under the table, especially if you have wood floors. The set tends to slip around the place, along with your toddler. Our Southwestern-inspired area rug was a gift, but you can find a similar, affordable one here.