It wasn’t too long ago that I had someone trying to hack my Instagram via a phony collaboration email. Since then I’ve had at least two more attempts on my Instagram account. Considering some of the videos I produce and the content I create for brands are featured on my Instagram, it was vital for me to add a solid defense to keeping my Instagram safe from hackers. Despite having 12 years of an online presence as a blogger and digital marketer, even I’m susceptible to cyber threats. Hacking and social identity theft has grown quite sophisticated in recent years and that is why anyone who spends a lot of time online should have a cyber security defense in place.

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I wanted to protect my Instagram account beyond two-factor authentication and changing my password regularly. While those are cyber security best practices you should always implement, I wanted a cyber defense that would crush those Instagram hackers before I even had to swipe a finger. As my toddler would say, “swiper stop, swiping!” (she’s a huge fan of Dora The Explorer). In order for me to keep those hackers from further trying to swipe my Instagram account and possible identity, I downloaded Trend Micro’s Mobile Security (iOS & Android) and ID Security (iOS & Android) to my iPhone. And let me tell you, what a relief! I’ve been feeling digitally secure ever since and have already witnessed Trend Micro stopping threats before they can reach me.

What Is Trend Micro Mobile Security?

With so many of us working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, Trend Micro is they type of internet security you should all be using right now.

Trend Micro Mobile Security is an app download to your mobile phone that will protects you against dangerous websites, unsafe Wi-Fi networks, unwanted access to your device, iMessage protection, Safeguards your privacy on social media and more. Think of Trend Micro Mobile Security as a digital fortress that protects your online presence.

Protecting Your Social Media Accounts from Hackers

Looking back at that hacking attempt on my Instagram, had I installed Trend Micro Mobile Security, it would have saved me a lot of time and anxiety. The way hackers take your Instagram account hostage is via fraudulent websites disguised as an Instagram login page. Hackers send you a link to a collaboration request via email or a messaging app, and once you click on that link to discover the details and payment terms of “said collab,” you’re then led to a phony Instagram login page. The page looks identical to Instagram’s actual login page and has duped many seasoned online personalities and aspiring influencers.

I did not have Trend Micro Mobile Security at the time my Instagram was almost hacked. Instead, I spent about an hour researching the sender and their alleged Instagram profile to confirm their credibility. They clearly were not legit. What followed next was anxiety, and more research on how to protect my account. I pretty much went down the proverbial wormhole of cyber security and landed on Trend Micro’s doorstep.

If you have Trend Micro Mobile Security downloaded to your phone, and you were to click on a malicious link, Trend Micro’s web guard would block the dangerous website from loading. It would NOT give you the chance to login your username and password.

Even more, Trend Micro Mobile Security also includes iMessage protection. Any incoming texts with suspicious web links are safely set aside to a junk folder. It also safeguards your privacy on Facebook and Twitter.

To learn more about how Trend Micro Mobile Security can protect you, visit their website for additional info and downloads. And if you want to add even more online security …

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Get Trend Micro ID Security

Have you ever had your credit card information stolen? When it happens, it’s a serious pain in the butt. Calling your bank and / or creditor about the fraudulent charges, filing a claim to get your money back, getting a new credit card issued and then updating all the auto-bill payments that were linked to your card … Ooof. It’s beyond stressful and time-consuming to deal with all that.

I recently had my credit card information skimmed at a local gas station pump. And let me tell you, dealing with the aftermath was not fun. It got me wondering what other private information of mine is out there in the hands of nefarious characters. I opted to download Trend Micro ID Security to run a check on my private information. My results were not pleasing! I was surprised at how many times my emails and passwords were hacked due to a data breach.

With Trend Micro ID Security, you can safely and securely input your email, credit card number(s), password(s), bank account number(s), passport number, driver’s license and social security number to see if any of your private information is floating around on the Dark Web; and trust, you do not want any of your private info out there on the Dark Web. That’s how identity theft happens and how money gets stolen. Trend Micro’s data handling practices ensure your data is handled in accordance with the highest security standards.

Once you enter your information, you will receive a report where and what data was breached. You will then be prompted with what action to take. For example, in my case I was prompted to update my password on websites where my data was breached.

With our lives constantly exposed on social media, online shopping and even streaming, you should take action on protecting yourself digitally. For more cybersecurity solutions, visit Trend Micro for ways to keep your personal and business information secure. Don’t let hackers win!

* Please note: this is a sponsored post for Trend Micro. While I did receive payment and free services for this post, you know your girl Sandra B. Olinger never pushes a product she doesn’t use and love.