Toddler Screen time educational

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your toddler numbers, you need to try *Elephant Learning. It’s an effective online tool that will help your child learn mathematics. We’re all about enriching Victoria’s life with the tools she needs to be a strong little boss, and Elephant Training is totally helping her understand and identify small numbers. She’s also a huge fan of the cute avatars. I think the baby tiger is her favorite.

Victoria’s been counting to 10 for quite some time. By 19 months she was already counting to 6. A few months after that she mastered counting to 10. But after turning 2 and starting to talk in full sentences, we noticed she kept skipping the numbers 3 and 4. I have no idea why, but when she happily counts to 11, she is always skipping 3 and 4. We’ve tried everything to get her back on her counting-game, but nothing was working.

With the Elephant Learning online mathematics academy, Victoria has been getting back on track. After 3 sessions, she finally started including the numbers 3 and 4 back into her counting.

Toddler with iphone

I downloaded the Elephant Learning app on my iPhone. It’s a great way to keep her busy (while learning!) when we go out to dinner. She also likes jumping on my computer to play the mathematics games on a bigger screen. My keyboard is getting tired of slimy toddler fingers, so I recently download the Elephant Learning app on her iPad. This way she gets the big screen action and can make her screen as toddler slimy as she wants. lol

Elephant Learning’s math academy is not just for toddlers. They have individual programs for children 2-16 years of age. What’s unique about Elephant Learning is how it teaches mathematics to your child. The curriculum focuses on teaching math conceptually. It teaches the language behind math, not just memorization. When used 30 minutes per week, Elephant Learning is proven to teach your child one year of math in just 3 months! It’s basically an awesome virtual math tutor.

Elephant Learning is only $35 a month which is quite a bargain when you compare to private tutors and / or learning centers such as Sylvan. Get your child started with Elephant Learning by signing up via their website. They also have family scholarships and waivers available.

* Please note: this is a sponsored post for Elephant Training. As a brand affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. While I did receive payment and free services for this post, you know your girl Sandra B. Olinger never pushes a product she doesn’t use and love.