For Victoria’s 3rd birthday, we wanted nothing more than to see this kid smile from ear-to-ear, to play with her family and friends, to squeal with joy and blow out the candles on her cake without any worry. These were plans we had for our toddler’s birthday prior to the coronavirus pandemic; and while we couldn’t celebrate with family and friends this year, we still made this special day quite a joyous memory.

cute toddler at the beach eating cake

A Coronavirus Beach Birthday Celebration

Our little family of 3 invited my mother to join us for a tiny birthday celebration at the beach. Victoria is very close to her namma and it meant the world to her to celebrate it with her.

Our family practices very strict Covid-19 prevention. Since we see my mother often, it’s of the utmost importance to wear a mask when in public, practice safe mask care, and we always keep a safe distance from others. I have even taken a Coronavirus test to ensure I was free of the virus. These are the things we must do in order to stay safe while moving forward with our lives and enjoying them with those we love.

Victoria’s birthday celebration was at our favorite spot, Point Dume State Beach in Malibu. When we go to the beach, we always opt for Malibu for a few reasons.

leopard print toddler swimsuit
  1. Malibu has some of the most beautiful beaches in California.
  2. We got married on the sand in Malibu (Point Dume).
  3. Unlike most Southern California beaches, Malibu is not crowded. There is plenty of space to social-distance waaaay more than the required 6FT.
  4. These beaches are not party beaches.

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Our little girl’s pandemic birthday celebration was at the beach, on a Wednesday during the late afternoon. We opted for this time so my husband can finish up his work day and because we knew it would be optimal for less foot traffic.

We picked up Victoria’s birthday cake from Top Tier Treats in West L.A. They also made our wedding cake in 2016. We selected the same flavor for Victoria (chocolate cake with a peanut butter cream … so good!). Victoria requested a pink cake, so it was pink on the outside with adorable clouds. We added a rainbow topper since she loves True and The Rainbow Kingdom. That was pretty much her birthday theme.

pink rainbow birthday cake

Upon arriving to Point Dume State Beach in Malibu, we immediately put on our masks until we reached our sandy spot. From there we took off our masks and enjoyed the sun. We were at least 20 ft. from the nearest neighbor. All others were about 50ft away from us. Like I said, plenty of space to social-distance.

Celebrating a Coronavirus Pandemic Birthday at Home

But before we hit the beach, we had a beautiful birthday celebration at home. I was on the heels of one of the most stressful (and successful) month’s of work; but I insisted on staying up until 2am the night before creating Victoria’s pastel rainbow balloon garland, decor and wrapping presents. It was quite the undertaking, but my exhaustion was worth her happiness. Don’t worry, I got to sleep-in until 9am the next day.

toddler breakfast

Bryan made her Daddy’s famous buttery pancakes, and namma came over shortly after. Victoria played with all her new presents with namma and was serioulsy over the moon. I can’t tell you how many times I cried. They were tears of joy but also tears of sadness. I was so happy to see my child full of warm glee, knowing how hard these times have been on us all. I was also straight-up ugly crying at the fact that my little girl is growing up and there is no rewind button.

Naturally, I spent an hour looking at old baby photos and videos of this scrumptious little girl.

Victoria, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. You’re the bright light during these dark times. I fight for you. I fight for your future.

etsy custom made elsa dress for toddler

You have amazed me with your intelligence, intuition, and kindness. YOU are truly a magical being. You charm all those that come across you, and you have the ability to fill their hearts with warmth.

Your Daddy and I always new you were a very bright child, but my goodness kid, you’re seriously blowing our minds lately. Keep riding that wave of wander and knowledge for that will guide you to live the most extraordinary life.

More Photos From Victoria’s Birthday:

True and the rainbow kingdom birthday
rainbow theme birthday party decor
malibu beach
toddler and mom at the beach
Victoria with her namma
coronavirus pandemic birthday at the beach
Ruh Roh, she sees her bday cake!
coronavirus pandemic birthday at the beach
And she sprayed a bunch of sand on on her cake!
toddler birthday at the beach
coronavirus pandemic birthday at the beach
coronavirus pandemic birthday at the beach
pastel pink beach cover up for toddler
mother kissing toddler at the beach
dad and toddler at malibu beach
father and daughter running on beach in malibu
dad swinging toddler on beach
mother holding daughter at the beach
toddler taking a photo with fuji camera
Oh boy, she has the Fuji
toddler taking a photo with fuji camera
She’s actually pretty good
malibu mom
Photo Credit: Victoria Bowie
photo by a toddler
Photo Credit: Victoria Bowie