Todos Santos is a magical town just an hour north of Cabo San Lucas. And when I say “magical” — I legit mean magical. With so many things to do in Todos Santos, the best part of this gem is its charm. In 2006, Todos Santos was designated as a Pueblo Mágico by the Mexican government for its historical relevance, cultural riches and natural beauty. If you’re looking to get away from the party scene in Cabo, head on over to Todos for its serene beauty and outstanding cuisine.

Read on for 15 things to do in Todos Santos. I can honestly add much more, but I’ll save that update for our next trip Todos.

Cold beers with a view

1. Beers with a View

Nothing like being able to roll out of your bed to this view! With an ocean view like this, one of our favorite things to do was have cold beers on the patio of our room. This gorgeous stay and view came at a very nice price: only $150 / night! I can’t recommend it enough! When in Todos Santos, get yourself an Airbnb (or hotel) that offers a scenic view.

Floating in our pool

2. Pool Float With a View

Float in the pool, preferably with a cold beer in hand and of course, a view. This was seriously one of my favorite past times in Todos Santos. Just relaxing, and floating under the hot sun in a cool pool, either with good music or just the sound of the ocean paving the way to aural relaxation.

So many tropical plants and succulents are

3. Go Plant Lady

If you’re a plant lady like me, you will love taking strolls just to view all the gorgeous and unique plants in Todos Santos. Like much of Baja, it’s a desert oasis where you can find a unique combination of tropical plants and desert plants. Soak in all the plant inspo for your home! We were lucky to have an absolutely gorgeous Airbnb resort with plenty of vegetation. You can also explore plants in town and on many of the nature experiences offered in Todos Santos.

Soak in the sun

4. Get Sunkissed

With plenty of sun in Todos Santos, if you need to work on that golden glow, this is the place to do it. Pictured here, as you can see, my husband really needs some help with that tan! Todos is seriously a destination for relaxing, so grab a book and some SPF and get your tan on (preferably with a pool and ocean view).

Cutest architecture in el pueblo of Todos Santos

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5. Discover Charming Architecture

Hit the town of Todos Santos and immerse yourself in all the charming architectural beauty. This town is absolutely adorable with so much eye candy for home inspiration.

So much shopping to be had

6. Shopping

And while you’re in town, you need to shop! From the art boutiques to the clothing boutiques, to your typical touristy hats and magnets, and then some — we loved the unique offerings in town. So much handmade artisan work. Bring home a few things or two, and non-basic-fy your home. Almost all of our home decor and artwork comes from our many years of traveling the world. Every piece has a beautiful memory attached to it.

Let’s taco ‘bout it

7. Eat Tacos!

Tacos! Tacos! Tacos! This is the staple in Todos Santos and you legit can’t go wrong at any of the taco spots. Whether a 75 cent taco stand or a fancy gourmet Mexican restaurant — all the tacos are delish.

Get your craft cocktails on

8. Drink Craft Cocktails

Just because it’s a cute and quaint little Mexican town, does not mean you’ll be getting basic margaritas. Although I’m a huge fan of a basic margarita, I also love me some craft cocktails. And wow! Were we in awe at the artistic quality of these craft cocktails. Jardin Alquimia and La Morena were our favorite spots for upscale cocktails.

Un cafecito por favor

9. But First Un Cafecito

A little coffee please. The Coffee in Todos Santos is great! We enjoyed starting our day grabbing an espresso or a latte and talking with the locals. Taller 17 was our favorite coffee spot.

We loved winding down at the pool after a hot day in town

10. Mid Day Break Under The Shade

It gets real hot in Todos, especially around that mid day when you’re tired from all the morning and early afternoon fun. Take this time to nap and re-energize. Our hotel’s pool and our own patio were my favorite spots for R&R.

El Mirador ocean view restaurant

11. Sunset Dinner With A View

When in Todos Santos, you must eat at El Mirador’s ocean view restaurant. The ambiance is everything and pretty much sums up Todos Santos. The food, drinks and service are impeccable (highly recommend the tamarindo margarita) and we loved exploring the grounds that boasted endless views and saguaros after dinner.

Street Art in Todos Santos

12. Find The Street Art

Snap photos with the many pieces of street art and murals throughout Todos Santos. All you have to do is walk around town and you’ll come across so many fun pieces of artwork. Highly recommend doing this after a big meal and slight buzz. We had so much fun exploring this way, and of course burning off the calories from our bigass meal.

More tacos!

13. Go Eat More Tacos!

For reals though, can you ever try enough tacos? No such thing! Especially when in Todos Santos. I already mentioned every spot is good, but these were our favorite places to eat tacos in Todos Santos: Tacos Y Mariscos El Sinaloense, El Pastorcito, Tacos George’s, and La Palapa del Sabor.

Day trip to Playa Balandra

14. Day Trip To Playa Balandra

Just about an hour and a half north of Todos Santos, situated in La Paz, Balandra Beach is easily one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Crystal clear and shallow, you can walk / swim from one end of the bay to the other if you really wanted to.

Secret cove on the way to Balandra

15. Go Off The Beaten Path

While on our trip to Balandra, I had to pee real bad. We saw a turn out and pulled into it. To our pleasant surprise, we discovered a sleepy little beach that looked like a mini Balandra. I had a blast floating in this gorgeous cove, however, the food at the cantina was not very good.

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