My husband and I recently took the ultimate self-care weekend getaway from Los Angeles. About two hours from L.A., Two Bunch Palms is nestled in Desert Hot Springs, just a bit North of the ever-so posh ‘n’ popular Palm Springs.

We had just come off of a stressful AF month, and we both wanted to relax and just be. We desired a weekend getaway close to Los Angeles that offered minimal effort to enjoy ourselves; this included exploring the outdoors, enjoying delicious meals and creative libations, and a whole lot of self-care lovin’.

Two Bunch Palms Weekend Getaway from LA
You can control the water flow and temperature in the teak tubs at Two Bunch Palms.

Two Bunch Palms was the perfect destination that serviced all of our needs. In fact, we didn’t even have to leave the resort! Everything we needed was at Two Bunch Palms.

Hot Springs Galore

Alright, let’s get down to the crème de la crème, Two Bunch Palms is thee place to go if you seek hot springs. I’m not talking murky travertine springs found in the wild (although those are nice in their own right), I’m talking clean and pristine hot springs. Low in sulfur, and rich in lithium, Two Bunch Palms’ mineral water flows from a 600-year-old natural spring. Talk about some serious vibes …

The soft therapeutic waters flow into a variety of warm / hot pools for you to enjoy: four large teak tubs (you can adjust the temperature), three concrete soaking pools (I loved the circular one pictured below, it was nice and hot) and a beautiful grotto.

Two Bunch Palms Weekend Getaway from LA

The grotto has areas with different temperatures and is quite large. My husband and I loved ending our day after a few drinks with a meditative soak looking up at the stars. They have floaty noodles to help you float and stay cozy. Hubs and I would often get lost in our own vibrations that we would bump into each other head and feet-first.

Be Mindful Of Others

While the grotto is meant to be a quiet area, large parties often chat it up. If you’re going to go there with friends (and drinks), please be mindful of the meditative states of others.

Two Bunch Palms Weekend Getaway from LA
Enjoying a teak tub soak at Two Bunch Palms.

To say I love hot springs is an understatement. I’ve explored different waters from around the world, and many in my home of Southern California. A typical day for us at Two Bunch Palms started with a morning soak, followed by two afternoon soaks, and an evening soak. We pretty much lived in our robes, which brings me to packing.

Do Not Overpack

I came with stylish expectations with a suitcase flowing with gorgeous kimonos and coverups, evening dresses, activewear for hiking and plenty of shoes for different terrain.

I used none of it.

The only outfits I wore were the ones I arrived and left in (which I’m pretty sure were the same). It’s normal at Two Bunch Palms to walk around in the cozy spa robes the resort gives you. It’s also normal to hang out in the bar in them, dine in their restaurant in them and just pretty much live in them. You’re constantly soaking so it makes perfect sense. They also provide a good shield when those hot desert winds whip through.

How about make up and perfume? Sure, I packed some, but I never touched either.

Soaking it up in a hot spring at Two Bunch Palms.

Things To Do

Before arriving to Two Bunch Palms, my husband and I had plans to go out to dinner in Palms Springs, hike in Joshua Tree and catch some live music at one of my favorite venues, Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown. Again, high hopes, but we happily took part in none of those fun things to do.


Everything you could possibly desire is on-site at Two Bunch Palms (well, everything except for live music). Here are some of the fun things you can do at Two Bunch Palms:

  • Soak in hot springs (duh)
  • Nature walks
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Meditate
  • Painting
  • Qigong
  • Intent saging
  • Reading by the duck and turtle pond

Two Bunch Palms has many more wellness programs that often change as the seasons change. Check out Two Bunch Palms’ website for a current list of their wellness classes.

The Desert Suite at Two Bunch Palms.
The Desert Suite at Two Bunch Palms.

Which Room To Stay In

We had a lovely Desert Suite that offered a lot of privacy and a size-able backyard with a fire-pit. It was quite roomy with an amazing soaking tub (that I never used … I mean, I’m at a hot springs resort!). Despite the Desert Suite being about a 5 or 10-minute-walk from the main area, we really enjoyed it. The walk was well lit at night and so celestial. Now, if it’s a windy night, you’re not gonna be happy, especially if you’re wet!

The Springs — These are smaller rooms with Double and / or King beds. There’s also the Springs Suites. If you don’t want to walk a distance to enjoy hot sprigs, the spa, restaurant & bar — then The Springs rooms are your jam.

There’s also the newly renovated Capone Suites, and the Casablanca Suites.

How Much To Budget / Pricing

It ain’t cheap, but it can be affordable. For starters, the rooms are moderately priced. They generally start at $220 and go up from there. I’ve never seen a room for more than $720 (and that’s usually the weekend price of the Springs Suite). If you want to cash in on a really great deal at Two Bunch Palms, book during the week. Rooms and suites are more affordable.

Pro Tip: Keep your options open. Select your dates / rooms via the Two Bunch Palms website. Sometimes they can cut you exclusive deals. On the other hand, you can find some pretty amazing deals via I like using Google’s Hotel Search to generate all the prices from all the hotel search engines.

If you want to stretch that dollar even more, pack your own cooler with some of your favorite drink refreshers and adult bevies. I’m a huge fan this seltzer water for flavorful hydrating! If you’re gonna mix up a cocktail or pour some vino, you gotta grab these adorable wine tumblers (with straw!).

Two Bunch Palms Weekend Getaway from LA
Kicking my legs up in our Desert Suite at Two Bunch Palms.

You can really shoestring travel a bit here if you pack your own snacks. Two Bunch Palms brunch and dinner menus can get pricey if you’re not leaving the resort for an entire weekend or more.

Again, this all depends on your budget and how much work you want to put into your vacation. My husband and I needed some serious relaxing. We wanted to be pampered with no stress. No stress includes not making our own food and drinks. We ate all of our meals at Two Bunch Palms’ lovely Essence restaurant. I absolutely loved their Brown Rice Risotto (add chicken) and their French Scrambled Eggs. So good!

We almost always sat at the bar, because we love chatting up bartenders and meeting new people. Between the two of us, I think we tried every drink on the menu! They were so well-made and so delicious! I’d recommend a drink, but their menus change seasonally.

Out the door, we spent $1,571 for two nights at Two Bunch Palms. This does not include our spa discount and Desert Suite upgrade.

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The Not-So-Great

As with any travel destination, with the good, comes some not-so-great things …

Two Bunch Palms was under renovation when we visited. They have been renovating for a few years, and according to some of their staff, there really is no projected end date. This is a great thing for the long-run because the property is in need of updating some areas (like their spa); however, it can be an inconvnenice to some guests.

If you’re headed to Two Bunch Palms, be sure to give them a call to find out what areas are being renovated.

Two Bunch Palms Weekend Getaway from LA
Sippin’ on some green juice during my morning soak at Two Bunch Palms.

Another thing to note, Two Bunch Palms’ spa was expensive and should not be priced the way it was considering how rundown their rooms were on my visit. Unfortunately, my spa service was not a good experience. The room was awful and smelled funny.

I mean, look at the photo of my room … I paid a $165 for a 90-minute massage service. It’s normally $185, but I received a media discount.

My husband on the other hand had a stellar massage experience. His room definitely did not look as run down as mine.

If you’re going to take part in a spa service at Two Bunch Palms, be sure to call and request a nice room. If they’re going to put you in those old school cabin-looking rooms, I would request a discount.

Two Bunch Palms Weekend Getaway from LA
Night time hot springs soak at Two Bunch Palms.

My final note, front desk never answered their phones. Even when we left messages, they never returned our calls. You literally have to talk in-person to get anything done (such as our spa services and fire pit lighting). As you can imagine, this sucks when you’re trying to relax in your suite that is a 5-10 minute walk from the lobby.

Aside from those few criticisms, Two Bunch Palms is one of my favorite weekend getaways from Los Angeles. I would go back in a heart-beat; however, I would be sure to follow my own advice and call / email before my stay and make sure my requests and concerns are addressed.

Pro Tip: This is a great option for Coachella hotels! After spending hours dancing on your feet, who wouldn’t want to soak in some mineral waters?! It’s about a 30-minute drive from Coachella.

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Two Bunch Palms Weekend Getaway from LA
Adjusting the temp and pressure in the teak tub at Two Bunch Palms.
Two Bunch Palms Weekend Getaway from LA
Hubby reading about Ancient Aliens while relaxing by the hot spring at Two Bunch Palms.