If you’re searching for a unique and creative self-care gift for your boyfriend, husband, partner — why don’t you pamper them with some clean beauty and skincare?! The soft luxuries of skincare are not just for women, nor should they be. Skincare gifts for men are often over-looked, but they should be more celebrated! You know why? Because when you give your man a beauty and skincare gift, it’s not only a unique gift for him, but it’s also a gift for you! I say this because I receive so much joy out of my husband’s skincare and bath routines.

My husband’s skin used to be dull, dry and seriously starting to look crocodile-y. Not a turn on! I begged and begged him to start taking care of his skin. To at least use a daily SPF! He was stubborn. After a couple years of bugging him, and not too long after the birth of our now two-year-old, he finally started searching for a quality men’s skincare line. I honestly think the stress of becoming a new parent scared him! Lots of new wrinkles fine lines and gray hairs!

You know what is a turn on? Smelling the scent of my husband’s freshly washed face after using his favorite face wash. Good lord! He smells delicious! 

Fast forward two years, and my husband is all about that clean beauty and skincare! I’ve gifted my husband so many amazing bath and skin treats that he now has become a huge fan of self-care and wellness. Below ares some of the beauty and skincare products my husband loves!

Lather clean skincare for men


If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love LATHER. I can’t recommend enough, LATHER’s Almond Shave Cream. It goes on smooth and smells delicious! I had originally gifted it to my husband a couple years ago for Valentine’s Day, but now I use it on my legs! Pair it with LATHER’s Mandarin Sage Shave & Beard Oil and their Eucalyptus Facial Scrub and your man will have a luxurious facial experience. And if you really want to do the whole shabang for your man, throw in LATHER’S Mint Thyme Hair Wash and Mint Thyme Crème Rinse.

Where to Buy: Online or at any LATHER Store.
Best Value: Currently, LATHER is offering their Smooth Operator Men’s Shave & Facial kit for only $55 (it’s usually $75).
Discount Code: OLINGER20

oars + alps clean skincare for men

Oars + Alps

Oars + Alps is one of my favorite men’s skincare lines. To be honest, I use a lot of their products. Their fragrances are super lite and definitely made for both sexes. Bryan loves Oars + Alps’ Wake Up Eye Stick with Caffeine. He is also a huge fan of their Cooling + Cleansing Wipes. Both are always in our camping toiletries kit, and often in our travel cubes when we are pack lite and are sharing toiletries. If your partner is the rugged type that loves the great outdoors, they’re going to love Oars + Alps.

P.S. Oars + Alps makes the best men’s aluminum-free deodorants. My husband’s favorite fragrance of theirs is California Coast. I’m all about that Fresh Ocean Splash scent.

Where to Buy: Online or Target
Best Value: Oars + Alps’ Face Kit $59 (valued at $63 when purchased separately)

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Brickell clean skincare for men


This right here is my husband’s go-to men’s skincare product of choice. He’s been using BRICKELL for a few years now. While I personally have never used it, I can vouch that BRICKELL has changed his skin dramatically! Bye, crocodile! Hello, glow boy! For reals! My husband’s skin looks so healthy ever since he started using BRICKELL’s Purifying Charcoal Face Wash for Men and their Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cream For Men — his skin has definitely gone through a glowup! Not to mention, it’s such a turn-on when he hops into bed after washing his face with Brickell. He smells delightful. With BRICKELL’s face wash coming in at $25 for an 8-ounce bottle, it’s actually a great bang for your buck considering most lux face washes come in 4-6 ounce bottles at the same price, if not more.

Where to Buy: Online, Amazon, Neiman Marcus and various specialty stores throughout the U.S.
Best Value: You can’t go wrong with BRICKELL’s Men’s Daily Advanced Face Care Routine I. But get this, they also offer a FREE sample kit of their 8 best sellers! All you end up paying is shipping. They also give you a $10 coupon towards your first purchase. This is how my husband got started with his love for BRICKELL.

Native Deodorant for men


Native is my personal favorite deodorant. I’m head over heels for their aluminum-free, Coconut & Vanilla deodorant. That scent is just straight up paradise. As delish as it is, Native also makes some more masculine scents such as their their Charcoal or Eucalyptus & Mint. With these lovely scents, you won’t mind if your nose goes near your hubby’s armpit on a hot, sweaty day!
Now, what I REALLY love from Native on my husband, is their Charcoal Body Wash. We have a shower in our master bedroom and when I’m lying in bed and hub’s is steaming up the room with a hot shower, I feel like I’m in a most lovely scented semi-sauna (if there is a such a thing). That Charcoal Body Wash by Native smells AMAZING. Wash with that babe, and you will get all the kisses!

Where to Buy: Online or Target
Best Value: Kick off with a Native set! This perfect Valentine’s Gift for pampering your man only costs $30 and includes: 1 deodorant, 1 body wash, 2 bar soaps, and 1 mini deodorant.

Counterman Collection


Beautycounter is easily one of the best clean beauty brands out there, and I absolutely love their transparency. While my husband, nor I have tried their Counterman Collection, my Instagram followers raved about it in my Stories Q&As not too long ago. Because of that, and since I use Beautycounter’s Countertime Regimen Set — and it’s done wonders for my glow — I can only imagine Counterman is just as effective. Trust, fam! I will update this post once we’ve experienced Counterman for ourselves.

Where to Buy: Online
Best Value: The Counterman Collection includes: Daily Exfoliating Cleanser, Clarifying Toner Pads, Oil-Free Face Lotion, Smoothing Shave Cream, Cooling Aftershave Tonic, Conditioning Beard Oil, Energizing Charcoal Body Wash and a Charcoal Body Bar! All for $188. If you prefer something more affordable, you can still get a big taste of Counterman with Beautycounter’s limited edition Counterman Carry-On ($45).

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