Just because you’re pregnant, does not mean you can’t rock a stylish and sexy bathing-suit on the beach! Don’t settle for something frumpy that covers your beautiful belly, get yo’ self a fly pregnancy swimsuit! Celebrate that vibrant belly and show it off with pride.

Hawaiian Baby Moon Oahu
We spent much of our babymoon on Lanikai Beach.

Okay, wait. Let me get a little past the empowering pep talk, and drop some realness. Rompin’ around in a bathingsuit while pregnant can be very intimidating.

You may feel insecure about all those new curves that so gorgeously create a safe home for your baby.

You may feel, frankly, not quite like yourself. It’s okay. Pregnancy can do that.

You may feel embarrassed about your full new breasts!

I can give you a pep talk in the hopes that you will embrace your new pregnant body, but I can’t force you to feel confident. But trust, mama, these fresh bathingsuits and bikinis just might make you feel like the goddess that you are.

Hawaiian Baby Moon Oahu
Waimea Falls … those rocks weren’t cozy

A Pregnancy Swimsuit That Isn’t for Maternity

Don’t limit yourself to the maternity section when shopping for that perfect swimsuit or bikini for your babymoon. Think outside the box!

When I started shopping for my Hawaiian babymoon, I didn’t even think twice about cruising the maternity section. I bypassed that shit like a stealth move in L.A. traffic.

I scanned Amazon for boho swimsuits, monokinis and fashionable one-piece swimsuits. These styles were going to be my “pregnancy swimsuit.”

The swimsuit you see in the photos above and below was my ultimate go-to swimsuit during my pregnancy. It was so stylish, comfortable and unique. Best of all, I felt fierce in it. I loved how the cut-out designed accentuated my pregnant belly.

And guess what? It only cost me $15!

Get My Pregnancy Swimsuit!

Make that Maternity Swimsuit Stylish!

So, after finding the aforementioned gem of a “maternity” swimsuit, I kind of went pregnancy bikini crazy and bought like 5 more!

Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match! Grab a basic white or black bikini top and pair it with some funky bottoms. That’s exactly what I did with my bikini pictured above. You can purchase some separates on Amazon, Target and

And if you want the mix match look, but can’t quite coordinate it, you can find some perfect kinis already paired to mix match here. And the prices are super affordable.

Get Funky

Dare to be risque! Go for something strappy, go for something bold and vibrant, go for something ruffly and darling. Have fun with your pregnancy swimsuit! That’s all that matters.

I love this strappy, hollow-out one-piece.

And this one is just DARLING!

What Size Pregnancy Swimsuit to Get

Remember, when shopping for a pregnancy swimsuit that isn’t quite a “maternity” swimsuit, be sure to size up! Dependent on where you’re at in your pregnancy, you may need to go up a size or two.

Don’t Forget To Size Up

When I purchased this swimsuit, I was 32 week pregnant. It ran big, and stretched easily so I got a large. I normally wear a medium-large.

You can find a variety of swimsuits and bikinis perfect for your pregnancy here. Sizes run 4-26! There’s also a really cute mix of styles and sizes here.

You’re also going to want to keep in mind how much a swimsuit stretches. If it has a lot of give to accommodate your cute new curves, you may only need to go up one size if any at all.

Hawaiian Baby Moon Oahu
Striking a pose with my bellyboo

How Much Should I Spend on Maternity Swimwear

Truth be told, I didn’t spend more than $20 on any of my maternity swimsuits. Why would you pay copious amount of money for a swimsuit you’re only going to get a few uses out of???

Go cheap and go cute!

Chances are, once that baby arrives earthside, your beloved pregnancy swimsuit is not going to fit you as perfectly as it did when you were rockin’ a baby bump.

Mine is all stretched out now; but it was so affordable that I just bought myself another!