During the first month of the COVID-19 safer-at-home quarantine, we were struggling. The adjustment to this new life — one where our toddler could no longer see her namma (aka grandma), was not allowed to play with friends, and was constantly asking why she couldn’t go to the park — was very challenging. Our almost 3 year old toddler, Victoria, was acting up. She was frustrated, and she did not understand why her fun, social life suddenly had come to a halt. As parents, my husband and I were also struggling, but, what hurt us the most, was seeing Victoria sad and acting out of character. 

Sesame Workshop’s Caring for Each Other

Navigating this new way of life is something all parents are learning to adjust to. While the quarantine did flatten the curve a bit, we are now seeing coronavirus and covid-19 cases surging again in some areas. As families are choosing to tighten up their quarantine again, we’re thankful to have resources to help get us through this challenging time. 

Sesame Workshop’s Caring for Each Other Initiative 

We’ve been finding more ways to support Victoria’s social and emotional well-being with the Sesame Workshop, and it has been so helpful. With funding from AT&T*, Sesame Workshop has created content programs to educate and engage kids through the Caring for Each Other initiative. This is part of a larger $10 million Distance Learning and Family Connections Fund to give parents, students, and teachers the tools they need to learn and grow from home.

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In an effort to keep Victoria socially connected with her friends and family, while practicing safe social distancing, we’ve been using Sesame Workshop’s free content bundles. Sesame Workshop offers seven content bundles; each one includes an article that guides parents with research-based strategies, a cute video with Sesame Street characters, and a fun interactive activity for your kiddo. 

Sesame Workshop’s Caring for Each Other

Missing Friends

The “Missing Friends” segment of Sesame Workshop’s Caring for Each Other initiative inspired us to make video messages that we can send to Victoria’s friends. She usually sings a song for her best friend Marley, or does a dance for buelo (aka grandpa). We’ve even started doing FaceTime videos for Victoria and her bestie. Their conversations are hilariously adorable. They sing Frozen or Moana songs to each other, while “showing-and-telling” new and old toys. It seriously melts my heart!

Tips to Prepare for an Outdoor Playdate

Victoria recently had her first playdate. We utilized AT&T and Sesame Workshop’s Tips to Prepare for an Outdoor Playdate guidelines, which is also part of the “Missing Friends” bundle. Her first playdate involved wearing masks featuring characters from their favorite movies and shows, waving hello, giving air high-fives and, of course, keeping social distance. Their favorite activity was ballet lessons from 6 feet apart. 

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Has your kiddo had their first social-distancing playdate? [#AD] We’ve had two, and they have been such a light in Victoria’s life.  Adjusting to quarantine with a toddler was a struggle! But we managed. Adjusting to social-distancing with a toddler (especially wearing a mask) was yet another struggle, but, again, we got through it — and we are still learning. So happy to have come across Sesame Workshop’s #CaringForEachOther resources provided by @ATTImpact. Victoria has been loving the adorable educational videos featuring some of her favorite @sesamestreet characters (Elmo and Abby). They have some incredible research-based educational tools for parents that have been so helpful too. Get all the deets, and find out what we loved best via link in bio. #ATTImpact  #sesamestreet #sesameworkshop #covid19mentalhealth #coronavirussupport #toddlerquarantineactivities #socialdistancingwithkids

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Tips for Parents Transitioning Back to Work

Additionally, Sesame Workshop offers Tips for Parents Transitioning Back to Work. As my husband and I transition back to our old work schedules, this resource has been so helpful to get Victoria reacquainted with our daily routines. And let me tell you, this transition has not been easy! How could it be? Our child loved having Mama and Daddy at home 24-7. Thankfully this segment, along with our own parenting style, has made the transition smoother for us.

For more information, check out AT&T’s Distance Learning and Family Connections page, and get started with Sesame Workshop “Missing Friends” bundle here.

Sesame Workshop’s Caring for Each Other

* Please note: this is a sponsored post for AT&T. While I did receive payment for this post, you know your girl Sandra B. Olinger never pushes a product or service she doesn’t use and love.

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