When you do your holiday shopping this year, please consider shopping small, sustainable and ethically sourced. I know for many, shopping small is a luxury — however — there are some incredible sales happening on Black Friday through Cyber Monday. It’s the best time to shop small and score a deal. Whether you’re buying Christmas and / or Hanukkah gifts entirely from small business, or you’re only able to buy one gift from a small business — you’re making an impact for the greater good.

Me in Iceland wearing my roots (Peruvian Alpaca Poncho)

With that said, please enjoy these incredible discounts from some of my favorite small businesses. They’re all BIPOC-owned, and all women-owned (with exception to one).

Almost all the small businesses listed below are offering free shipping when you purchase a certain amount. Now, get your discounted holiday shopping on!

eight generation wool blankets designed by native americans

Eighth Generation

Eighth Generation is a Native-owned company (Snoqualmie Tribe). They create the most gorgeous wool blankets, scarves, socks, and a variety of textiles and fine art. Everything is created by “inspired Natives, and not by “Native inspired” appropriators. Real talk: when I see so many people rave about Pendleton, my eyes roll in disgust. If you’re gonna appreciate Native designs, do good and purchase from 100% Native owned and designed.

Eighth Generation is offering 15% off their entire site for Black Friday. The discount will apply through Monday, Nov. 30 (aka Cyber Monday).

The Lip Bar lip gloss colors black ownded beauty

The Lip Bar

Oh, luscious Lip Bar, how I love thee! From the best lip gloss selections to eye shadow, lipstick and more — this Black women owned company is also cruelty-free, vegan, made from natural ingredients and loaded with pigment to make those lips stand out!

The Lip Bar is offering 40% off their entire site for Black Friday, with Fast Face Fits at $79. Sale ends at midnight! Keep an eye out for Cyber Monday!

diverse toddler books hispanic latin bilingual

Lil’ Libros

My daughter has been flipping the picture book pages of Lil’ Libros since she was an infant. She has quite the collection and we most recently added La Vida de Walter (Mercado), VÁMONOS: Lima and La vida de Celia (Cruz). We love their bold colors and English / Spanish translations. Honoring our diverse Latin culture, Lil’ Libros is Latina-owned. ¡Eso!

Lil’ Libros is offering 40% off their entire site for Black Friday, with the following discount code: THANKS20. The discount will apply through Monday, Nov. 30 (aka Cyber Monday).

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black owned self care bath magic by moon love bath

Moon Love Bath

Lovin’ the spiritual magical vibes from Moon Love Bath. With silky body butters, illustrious milk baths, adorable bath bombs and more — Moon Love Bath is Black woman owned. Get your self-care on with their soy candles or Magic Girl whipped soap. Special for the holidays, Moon Love Bath has some amazing Harry Potter-inspired bundles. Grab them before a “muggle” takes them all!

Moon Love Bath is offering 20% off their entire shop (except great value bundles) for Black Friday. The discount will apply through Monday, Nov. 30 (aka Cyber Monday).

Art Andina Peruvian Toddler Poncho indigenous designs

Art Andina

Since indigenous designs are on trend (again), I must give a shout out to my own Andean roots. Art Andina’s shop carries the most adorable toddler ponchos. I have a few Andean alpaca ponchos that I purchased while visiting family in Peru, and of course I had to get my daughter one so she can match mama! Art Andina is owned by a woman with her motherland being Ecuador. They also carry beautiful wool blankets, scarves, linens and more.
Art Andina is offering 20% off their entire shop for Black Friday. The discount will apply through Monday, Nov. 30 (aka Cyber Monday).

Shop More of My Favorite BIPOC Women Owned Small Businesses

Siempre Viva — Handmade with love and inclusivity, Gloria Toscano creates the most adorable empowering, Latinx dolls. She does custom orders too! I mean, look at the doll she made in the image of my daughter (above photo)! And this custom Bowie Elf!

Boobe Life – From “Diosa” and “Mom Af” to “Madrehood” — Chris has been pushing these clever mama-empowering items for quite some time. Her limited edition Diosa mermaid breastfeeding sweater is so fierce!

Be Light Crystal Garden – If you need some light and positive energy in your life, this is your spot. Crystals, spiritual bath tonics (I especially enjoy Love Me Sacred) and more — Shina Sanabria is your intuitive source.

Bahia Honey – We’ve been caring for our daughter’s skin with Bahia Honey since she was born! Their Bahia Body Beautiful helped clear up her dry patches / eczema and my husband only uses their hair butter in this thick mane. It’s helped clear up his psoriasis too! I absolutely love Bahia’s Supernatural Spray Hair Conditioner. It works wonders!

Luna + June – The softest statements Tees with a focus on motherhood. Want to elevate your look? Shop owner, Lucy also offers custom embroidery! I’m obsessed with my “Madre” T-shirt. It is seriously sooooo soft.

Marlo Bea – Bright, bold and full of cultural diversity — Shun Moore creates such lovely head wraps. Sized for adults and littles, mama and baby can go matchy matchy.

Sweeter Than Pan Dulce – Wearable cultura for kids and mamas! Created by Gabriela Huizar-Fox, I just recently learned about Sweeter Than Pan Dulce (we live in the same city!). I’m in love with the style and color palletes of her items. Her signature T-shirt is just the cutest!

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